Thursday, July 26, 2012

Confessions of a Teachaholic

School begins in 27 days. That means I still have a lot of time. However, last week I couldn't fall asleep because I was thinking about how I was going to organize my classroom. My husband laughed when I told him the reason for my insomnia. He's knows he married a teachaholic. (I'm sure he's thinking, "Oh no, it's already starting!) Knowing I wouldn't be able to turn off my teacher brain, I told him I was getting up to type out some thoughts about my classroom so I could get it out of my head and fall asleep. (Do you ever worry your brilliant, middle-of-the-night thoughts will be lost before morning if you don't get them down on paper... or laptop? I do.) An hour of typing later, I was finished and ready to sleep.

So of course the next day I had to get into my classroom to begin setting up. Here's what I came back to. A clean slate. Which can also be a little overwhelming slate.

It's amazing to me that all that furniture fits on the strip of tile.

I spent a few hours moving and arranging furniture. These are a few areas I created. First, an area for parent volunteers to work with students while I'm doing reading groups. This may double as my listening center.

I should have closed that door.
  Behind the bookshelf is my desk. It has to be here because of the placement of the SMART board hookups. My laptop and document camera need to be there too. The bookshelf on the end holds my document camera.

That's all the pictures I'm sharing for now. I have lots more work to do. I need to figure out how to make these four things work best for me. This is what's most important to me.

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